The aim of our School is not only to impart instructions but also to develop the total personality of the child by training his/her intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical, emotional and aesthetic facilities to make him/her fully human.

The subjects taught in the school:

  1. English
  2. IILanguage (Telugu/Hindi) – UKG to X Classes
  3. III Language (Telugu / Hindi) – I to VIII Classes
  4. Mathematics
  5. Physical & Biological Sciences
  6. Social Sciences
  7. Physical & Health Education and SUPW
  8. Computer Sciences: Classes I to X compulsory
  9. Yoga, Dance, Singing, Drawing, Handwriting, chess, Karate & Soft Skills.


All the students are given a course in moral science which teaches a student his/her obligations towards God, country and fellow human beings. Every student is encouraged to practice their own religion faithfully and also to respect other religions. Apart from that we also celebrate religious festivals in our school, in showing the feeling of Secularism.


Education being an all-round development of the innate talents of a child, we provide opportunity to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. These activities teach the values of cooperation and sportsmanship, making them a more disciplined individual. To achieve these aims we have provided facilities for indoor and outdoor games, athletics and literary and cultural activities, NCC (Boys & Girls).


Cricket, Volleyball, kabaddi, kho – kho.


Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Carroms, etc.,


It includes Runs, Jumps and Throws.


Every child is given an opportunity to take part in these activities like Debate, Elocution, Seminars Essay Writing in English, Hindi and Telugu. Quiz and General Knowledge competitions are part of them.


All round development of the child is encouraged, with regard to these students participate in cultural activities like Singing, Music, Dance, Dramatics, Mono Action, Mime, Mimicry, Fancy Dress, Drawing, Painting, etc.


Games & Sports Club, Literary Club, Cultural Club, Quiz Club, Maths Club, Science Club, Social Club, Carlo Guilia Charitable Club, Laudato Si Club, Hygiene & Wellness Club and Art Integrated Learning (AIL) – Since every activity of the school is a part of the school curriculum and meant to educate the child as a whole, the activities of all the clubs are incorporated into the daily time table without affecting the academic performance of the children.

In order to organize and conduct these activities in a systematic way all the students are classified into four Houses viz., St. Joseph, St. Mary, St. Ann & St. Anthony. They are all further sub divided into Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior groups.

The Inter House Competitions are conducted regularly. Participants are rewarded by Certificates of merit, Prizes and rolling shields.

All these activities are meant to develop the total personality of the child. Parents and teachers should encourage and guide their children to participate in it whole heartedly. it  is compulsory that every child should participate atleast in one event each from Literary, Cultural and Sports and Games during the academic year whole heartedly.

It is important that after being in the classroom for five to six hours a day the child should be given an opportunity to relax his/her mind and exercise his/her body atleast for an hour. Therefore, no exemption is given to any one from participating in the co-curricular activities, except on medical grounds.