GOLLAPUDI 10-12-2021

 Recall, Recollect and rejuvenate the footsteps of our Sisters in Atkinson High School, Gollapudi

The footprints of the past, the content on the board may erase but the legendary persons toil will never be erased from our minds and they are reminiscence to cherish. Today we treasure once again the persons who taught the importance of education that was valued in prior days.

Atkinson School was the first one to coin English medium school in rural region of Gollapudi in 1981. We extend our gratitude to the donors of this land (late) Bemaiah and Chigurupati family, who empowered us generously with their source and resources.  Great things happen when God mixes with us.

At that time the provincial superior Sr. Euphrasea correa gave a swift response and there began St. Ann’s Kinder Garden School. In 1983 a mini bus was acquired for transporting the staff and students from Vijayawada one town to Gollapudi. The school functioned thus till 1988 under the leadership of Sr. Stella D’ souza the great personality had procured even half of this land.

Sr. Constance, Sr. Liona, Sr. Euphresia, Sr. Reetamma & Sr. Gracy were the pioneers to bring up this School and after that the first batch of students appeared for the Anglo-Indian Board examination in March 1998. Sr. Stella the Principal bought four acres of land and she started a new building in 1994. Hence on13.04.1994 Mother Enrichetta Centenary Block the present High School block foundation was laid by Rt. Rev. Bishop Joseph Thumma, and it was completed in the year 2000.

From 1998 to 2012 Sr. Joyce James who worked for the recognition of the school by the CBSE Board. Since the standard was improving the popularity and the strength of the school also gradually increased from one section to three sections. There was a need for extra class rooms. So, Sr. Joyce began a building for the Primary sections. It was laid a Foundation on 01.09.2008 and inaugurated by Fr. P.K Joseph and Superior General Mother Ernestine Fernandes on 22.01.2011.

In 2013 and 2014 Sr. Balapushpa, 2015 Sr. Sophy and 2015 to 2020 Sr. Anthu Mary- relinquished their selfless service as Principals.

“A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission”. In 2017 Mother Ernestine as a Superior of Eluru had visited this School at the time of Sr. Anthu Mary Kondaveeti and had seen the need of a individual classrooms for the K.G sections until then the kids were in a hall altogether. A thought has been long-drawn-out into plan after erecting of new Province.

On 21st October 2018, the Construction began by Mr. K. Kiran Kumar the Engineer under the guidance of Mother Ernestine our Provincial Superior and her Councillors, Sr. Donata the Financial Administrator and the Principal Sr. Anthu Mary.Continued the expansion and development of facilities in spite of Covid restrictions. We thank God for His Constance support through people and the situations.

Invigorating school environment and world class facilities the school offers very conducive environment for students to learn, be creative and become self confident adults.  This campus enrolls students from LKG to 10th grade. The prestigious co-ed school with amenities and facilities one can dream of, at the same time aims at the holistic development of the students and gives importance of discipline, habits, self reliance and moral values, so as to make the students worthy citizens of the country.