Mandatory Public Disclosure

Atkinson High School, Gollapudi


  1. Assessment is an evaluation tool to record the progress of a student. It is compulsory for student of classes I to X to appear in the Pre Mid to Annual examination for promotion to next higher class.
  2.  In each academic year the school will hold the following tests/ examinations.
    • Pre Mid examination is in between July and August.
    • Mid examination is in between September and October.
    • Post Mid examination is in between December and January.
    • Annual examination held in March.
  3. The months of Pre Mid to Annual examinations are almost final & every student is supposed to appear in them.
  4. A student not appearing in the tests will be marked absent & would be discredited for the same.
  5. If a student was not able to appear in the Pre Mid to Anuual Examianation due to medical reasons; and if he/she desire to appear in the Pre-mid to Annual at a later stage the following documents are to be produced.
    • Letter seeking permission to appear for examinations.
    • Medical certificates issued by a doctor and counter signed by the parent.

      Note : The certificate should be submitted within a week of the completion of the examinations.

  6. If a student is absent for the academic Examination of medic a l grounds he/she has to appear in the examination afterwards as and when arranged by the Principal.
  7. Class work & home work, which have due weightage in annual promotions, need to be regularly watched and taken care of by the parents.
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