A. General Information

Sl.No. Information Details
1. Name of the School ATKINSON HIGH SCHOOL
2. Affiliation No. 130170
3. School Code 57054
4. Complete Address with pincode D.NO.21-138, NEAR IRON YARD, GOLLAPUDI-521225
5. Principal Name & Qualification Sr. Fathima Pavani, B.A., B.Ed., (M.A.)
6. School E mail ID gollapudiatk@gmail.com
Contact Details  Land Line/ Mobile ) 0866-2413175, 2973175

B. Documents and Information


Sl.No. Documents / Information Up load Documents
1. Copy of affiliation YES
2. Copy of Societies  Certificate YES
3. Copy of No Objection certificate YES
4. Copy of  Recognition Certificate YES
5. Copy  of fire Safety Certificate YES
6. Copy of the DEO certificate submitted by the school for Extension of Affiliation YES
7. Copies of  Sanitary Certificate
Copies of  Water CertificateCopies of Water Quality Test

C. Results and Academics

Sl.No. Documents / Information Upload documents
1. Fee Structure of the School YES
2. Annual Academic Calendar YES
3. List of School Management Committee ( SMC) YES
4. List of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Members YES
5. Last Three years YES

D. Staff (Teaching)

Sl.No. Information Details
1. Principal 1
2. Total No. of Teachers 68
* TGT 13
* PRT 38
* PGT 13
3. Teachers Section Ratio 1.5:1
4. Details of Special Educator Sr.Fathima Pavani, Principal
5. Details of Counsellor and Wellness Teacher D.Sujatha, Biology Teacher

E. School Infrastructure:

Sl.No. Information Details
1. Total Campus area of the school (in Square Mtr) 28328
2. No. and Size of the Class Rooms (In Sq. Ft. Mtr) 667
3. No and Size of Laboratories including Computer Labs (in Sq. Mtr) 696
4. Internet Facility (Y/N) YES
5. No. of Girls Toilets 20
6. No. of Boys Toilets 20
7. Link of YouTube video of the inspection of School Covering the infrastructure of the School YES
8. Land Certificate YES