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Atkinson High School, Gollapudi




Previous to the year 1981 here was no English Medium School for the children in Gollapudi area. Parents of the children had a very hard time in getting their children admitted in English Medium Schools due to heavy rush. Atkinson high School, Vijayawada (one town) was unable to admit the children of rural areas. Hence the disappointed parents got a brain-wave to have a school of their own in Golllapudi itself and started making efforts for the same.

The people of Gollapudi wanted their School to run by the same sisters of St. Ann of providence. Some of the important people approached Sr. Cecilia Berchy, the Head Mistress of Atkinson high School, Vijayawada. Sister was not in a position to give them a positive answer in this regard. So, Mr. Chigurupati Venkateswarulu and Vemuri Bemaiah met  Bishop, Rt. Rev. Joseph Tumma in 1981 asking him to solve their problem. The Bishop contacted the Provincial Superior Sr. Euphrasina Carrea residing at Bollarum, Hyderabad. Sister promised him that she would look into the matter.

Mr. V.  Bemaiah donated a few cents of land to build a School. The Provincial Superior requested Sr. Angelica the Superior of St. Anthony’s convent, Vijayawada to examine the matter and inform her about it. After obtaining permission from the Provincial Superior she purchased some land at Gollapudi for building the School, with foreign Aid.

In the meantime the people were impatient to have the School started immediately in Gollapudi. Since there was no building available for the School, Mr. V. Bemaiah came forward to help us to rent a small building in order to fulfill the urgent need of the people. He was also generous to offer, to pay the rent for the house, and collected children from Gollapudi area.

There was no proper road for any other vehicle, except a tractor, which he employed to bring the children to School to and fro. This went on for two years. Then Sr. Angelica got the Foundation laid for the school building. Which was completed in 1982. Sr. Sophy succeeded Sr. Angelica as superior and the work went on well, once the ground floor was completed, the Community of St. Anthony’s Convent wanted to shift the Telugu Medium Elementary School into the building. But there was an objection from the staff, students and parents. There was also a plan to shift the orphanage from St. Anthony’s Convent to Gollapudi, which would not be materialized due to transport problems.

Hence the Kinder Garten class from the Telephone colony was shifted to the newly constructed building at Gollapudi and was christened, St. Ann’s Kinder garten School.The income from the school helped St. Anthony’s Convent to ride over the financial difficulties to some extent, as it was under their management. On 16th July 1982. Sr. Maria Lusia was appointed the first Head Mistress of this School, which had LKG and UKG classes. In 1983 a mini bus was acquired for the transporting of the staff and students from Vijayawada-1 to Gollapudi. The School functioned thus till 1988.

The people of Gollapudi were at a loss, not knowing where to send their children for their further education. They represented the matter earnestly to the Provincial Superior and requested her to get the School upgraded.  So, it became a full – pledged primary School up to Class V. In order to solve the problem of further education Sr. Marin suggested that all the girls who completed class V could be admitted into Atkinson high School, Vijayawada (one town) and the boys must find their own way into other Schools.

In 1988 the Provincial, the Council and the Management of St. Ann’s Primary School at Gollapudi to be handed over to Atkinson high School, Vijayawada -1 with effect from the Academic year 1988-1989. The School was renamed – Atkinson primary School Gollapudi. In 1993 class VI was opened. The syllabus, Uniform, timings were that of Atkinson High School, Vijayawada one town. In 1997 the Atkinson, Gollapudi became full pledged High School (up to standard X). The first batch of students appeared for the Anglo Indian Board examination in March 1998. Sr. Stella bought four acres of land and she started one new building in 1994. The building was completed in 1999. On13.04.1994 Mother Enrichetta Centenary block (present High School block) foundation was laid by Rt. Rev. Bishop Joseph Tumma, And it was completed in the year 2000.

Due to certain unavoidable technical problems the growth of the School became impeded. Hence Rev.  Mother General –Mother Franceschina Milanesio and the Provincial Superior Sr. Mildred decided to install the sisters belonging to the Gollapudi School, in a separate Community in Gollapudi School premises itself in 1st June 1998. They were accommodated in the ground floor of the school building.

Sr. Christopher was appointed the first superior of the new Community. The Community, members were: Sr. Brigid Pudota, Sr. Benilde , Sr. Georgina Rajaratnam, Sr. Joyce James and Sr. Florence Dasari. On 5th December 2001 late Fr. Marreddy laid foundation stone for the new building. On 19th March 2003 Rt. Rev. Bishop Prakash Mallavarapu blessed the new building and Sr. Mildred the Provincial Superior inaugurated.

As the years passed by Sr. Joyce James worked here for 20 years. She was the one who worked for the recognition of CBSE Board. Since the standard was increasing the popularity and the strength also gradually increased from one section to three sections. There was a need for an extra class rooms. So, Sr. Joyce began the separate building for the Primary sections. It was started on 01.09.2008 and inaugurated by Fr. P.K Joseph and Superior General Mother Ernestine on 22.01.2011, this is called St. Joseph’s block (present Primary block). After few years on 2012 March Sr. Joyce James was appointed as a Correspondent of the Community. Sr. Bala Pushpam took up as a Head Mistress  from 2012-2014, after her Sr. Sophy worked for one year 2014-2015.On 2015 June Sr. Anthu Mary Kondaveeti took up  as a Head Mistress of Atkinson High School, Gollapudi  from 2015-2019, from 2020 onwards Sr. Fathima Pavani became the Principal of St.Ann’s  Provincialate .

As the Technology increased the strength of the students, the number of Teachers, Quality of the Curriculum, Activity based classroom set ups, Inter com, CCTV, Edu. Com, NCC for Girls & boys were introduced, The Certificate courses such as IMO, IEO, NSO made the School to reach to the National level Competitions. As the strength increased there is a need for the expansion, On 2018 Re-organizing of the Provence is done and the Community became a Provincialate.  The management toke decision to put down the first building which was under ruin was dilapidated and constructed three stairs of new building for the KG sections. The Foundation stone was laid by Mother Ernestine Fernandez the Provincial Superior of Eastern Province and blessed by Fr. Antony Kumar the Parish Priest of Joji nagar.

• The purpose for which the Institution was in progress is being realized. 

  1. This institution was established as a Co-education school.
  2. To educate the children from our vicinity as well as to concentrate on our catholic students. Many children from middle class families are getting concession from the diocese level.
  3. We give importance to the value education and Catechism for the Catholics.
  4. The School intends to set up a modest exhibition for the education of the public regarding our Founders and our Congregation.
  5. Organizing the seminars for the personal development of a Teacher as well as the Students.


Sr. Angelica laid the Foundation stone of the School building in 1981

Sr. Sophy Lobo succeeded

Sr. Cecilia Berchy was the Head Mistress of Atkinson High School, Vijayawada

Sr. Maria luzia – the first Head mistress in 1988

Sr. Euphrasina Carrea was the Provincial Superior in 1988

Sr. Stella bought four acres and started the new building 1994-1999

The Land Donors Chigurupati Venkateswararao & Mr. V. Bemaiah

The Land Donors Mr. Chigurupati Venkateswararao
The Bishop Rt. Rev. Joseph Thumma
Sr. Stella 1994-1999



Sr. Joyce James 1998-2012
Sr. Bala Pushpam 2012-2014
Sr. Sophy 2014 – 2015
Sr. Anthu Mary 2015 – 2020



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